Whether you're looking to expand or mature in your IT Operations, TechNinja Consulting can help implement the right IT solution for your business. 

IT Solutions for small businesses that are thinking big

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Hardware / OS Support

You can count on us to triage and troubleshoot your hardware, software and operating system issues. We proactively maintain the systems that we support in your business and patch/update them regularly.

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Network issues can negatively impact your productivity. We strive to ensure that you are getting the most out of the systems on your network and will analyze and address any bandwidth issues you may be experiencing. 


Systems Administration

Whether we are providing managed IT services to your business or assisting on a project, the knowledge and experience of our systems administrators is extensive and dependable. 


Email / Data Migration

Migrating to a new email and/or file sharing platform can be complicated if not done carefully. Having an experienced migration specialist is critical to the success of your migration.


Website Services

If you need a website, we can help! We can also assist you with the administration of your existing site as well as with website and domain migrations. 


Repairs / Refurbishing

Contact us before you choose to  replace your existing desktop or laptop or if you are looking to buy a new one. In many cases, we can resurrect your computer with a hardware  as opposed to replacing it! You’d be surprised what upgrading components and reinstalling an OS can do for the laptop that you thought was dead!

* Web Hosting and Development

* Managed IT Solutions

* Proactive Technical Support

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Working with you to find the right IT solutions.

We embrace the idea that each business is different. With this in mind, we work with our clients to find the right solution for the job based on the needs of your organization. 

At TechNinja Consulting, your vision is our vision, and your mission is our mission. We are your trusted IT partner! Contact us for more information or to request a consultation.